Safe Scents

Amber & Driftwood

Earthy & Everyday
Top notes: ozone & citrus
Middle notes: sandalwood & benzoin
Base: amber, dark musk, cedar & Powder

Amber Noir

Sweet & Sensual
Top notes: plum & citrus
Middle notes: amber & jasmine
Base: dark musk, amyris benzoin

Apples & Maple Bourbon

Rich & Sweet
Top notes: apple, cinnamon & orange
Middle notes: bourbon, butter & coconut
Base: maple & vanilla

Apricot Grove

Upsale But Homey
Top notes: pear
Middle notes: jasmine, nectarine, apricot
Base: vanilla, patchouli, vetiver

Black Amber & Plum

Smokey & Smooth
Top notes: fir, cypress
Middle notes: plum, saffron, spice, cinnamon
Base: wood, incense, benzoin

Black Cardamom Cream

Unique Holiday Treat
Top notes: peppercorn & cinnamon
Middles notes: ginger, cream & black cardamom
Base: wood, tonka bean & chestnut

Black Cherry Merlot

Bozy & Sophisticated
Top notes: black currant & apple
Middle notes: black cherry, red wine & clove
Base: oak, amber & vanilla
*reed diffuser compatible

Black Coral & Moss

Sexy & Masculine
Top notes: pineapple, camphor & marine
Middles notes: bamboo & lavender
Base: cedar, amber, vetiver & dark musk

Black Currant & Jasmine

Dreamy Romantic
Top notes: citrus
Middle notes: jasmine, black currant, red currant, peach
Base: tonka, amber, black tea, anise
*reed diffuser compatible

Black Raspberry Vanilla

Smooth & Fruity
Top notes: black cherry
Middles notes: plum, strawberry & raspberry
Base: musk, sugar & vanilla

Black Violet & Saffron

Seductive Blend
Top notes: bergamot, geranium
Middle notes: rose, violet, raspberry
Base: saffron, leather, vetiver

Blue Spruce

Winter Woods
Top notes: eucalyptus & mint
Middle notes: spruce, moss & evergreen
Base: cedar, amber & cypress
*reed diffuser compatible

Blueberry Cheesecake

Inviting & Mouthwatering
Top notes: cinnamon
Middle notes: blueberry
Base: cream, graham cracker & vanilla
*reed diffuser compatible

Brown Sugar & Fig

Romantic & Luxurious
Top notes: fig, carmelized sugar, sea salt
Middle notes: brown sugar, green floral
Base: amber, dark musk

Buttercream Snickerdoodle

Smooth & Creamy
Top notes: cinnamon & sugar
Middle notes: honey & butter
Base: vanilla & cream
*reed diffuser compatible

Campfire Marshmellow

Ooey & Gooey
Top notes: eucalyptus & ozone
Middles notes: sugar & marshmellow
Base: oak, patchoulie, smoke & embers

Candied Apple

Iconic Apple
Top notes: cinnamon, sugar
Middle notes: apple
Base: caramel

Caramel Apple

Iconic Fall Festival
Top notes: apple
Middles notes: apple cidar & caramel
Base: sugar, spice & caramelized sugar

Cashmere Plum

Cozy Warmth & Fruity
Top note: citrus
Middle note: plum & black cherry
Base: amber, sugar, light musk, freesia vanilla

Citrus Agave

Classic & Sweet
Top notes: lemon peel, orange peel
Middle notes: grapefruit, mandarin, orange, tangerine, agave citrus
Base: sugar, lime peach

Coconut Lime Verbena

Soothing & Beachy
Top notes: lime & mandarin
Middle note: lemon verbena
Base: coconut & wood

Cranberry Woods

Tartness of Cranberries
Top notes: red currant & cranberry
Middles notes: black currant & green leaves
Base: fir, vanilla & pine

Creme Brulee

Rich & Creamy
Top notes: caramelized sugar & coconut
Middle notes: custard rum
Base: vanilla, maple & benzion

Day At The Spa

Calming & Balance
Top notes: lemongrass, lime & lemon
Middle notes: jasmine, sugar & black currant
Base: patchouli & powder

Fallen Leaves

Wrap Yourself In The Autumn Air
Top notes: citrus, cinnamon, chrysanthemum
Middle notes: apple berry, green leaves
Base: pecan, cedar
*reed diffuse compatible

Frankincense & Myrrh

Citrusy & Earthy
Top note: bergamot
Middle note: amber
Base: frankincense, myrrh, oud & powder

Fresh Coffee

Comforting & Sweet
Top notes: coffee
Middle notes: sugar
Base: cream & coffee

Frosted Juniper

Cooling Evergreens
Top notes: ozone, camphor, citrus
Middle notes: pine, red currant, berry, pear, cherry blossom
Base: juniper, sage

Gardenia Tuberose

Earthy & Floral
Top notes: gardenia & lemon peel
Middle notes: tuberose, jasmie & green floral
Base: powder

Ginger & Spice

Holiday Warmth
Top note: lemon, orange
Middle note: ginger, sugar
Base: vanilla, cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, allspice


Nostalgic Spice
Top notes: ginger
Middle notes: cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, almond
Base: molasses, sugar
*reed diffuser compatible

Green Tea & Lemongrass

Botanical Beauty
Top notes: lemon, ozone, orange & lemongrass
Middles notes: jasmine & green tea
Base: light musk

Hansel And Gretel's House

Classic Deliciousness
Top notes: orange peel, ginger
Middle notes: cream, butter graham cracker, sugar
Base: cinnamon, clove

Honeydew Melon

Marvelous Melon
Top notes: green leaves, honeydew melon
Middle notes: strawberry
Base: sugar, vanilla

Hot Apple Pie

Fresh out of the Oven
Top notes: orange & almond
Middles notes: brown sugar & apple
Base: pie crust, nutmeg, clove, cinnamon & butter

Japanese Cherry Blossom

Ozonic & Airy
Top notes: cherry blossom, magnolia & ozone
Middle notes: rose & cherry
Base: tonka beach & sandalwood

Love Spell

Fruity & Floral
Top notes: apple, peach & grapefruit
Middle note: cherry blossom & hydrangea
Base: vanilla & powder
*reed diffuser compatible

Macintosh Apple

Right from the Tree
Top note: green leaves, pear
Middle note: apple
Base: vanilla, bourbon
*reed diffuser compatible

Moonflower Nectar

Sultry & Sweet
Top notes: agave, pear
Middle notes: cherry blossom, rose, marine
Base: amber, dark musk, powder

Mountain Pine

Cool Sweetness
Top notes: citrus & eucalyptus
Middles notes: camphor & pine
Base: patchouli, cedar, juniper & balsam

Nordic Night

Outdoorsy & Winter
Top notes: eucalyptus, lavender
Middles notes: pine, cypress, bayberry
Base: rosemary, cedar, peppercorn, oakmoss

Peppermint & Eucalyptus

Earthy & Refreshing
Top notes: eucalyptus & peppermint
Middle notes: cedar & clove
Base: patchouli, vanilla & powder
*reed diffuser compatible

Peppermint & Mocha

Chocolaty Delight
Top notes: coconut milk
Middle notes: peppermint
Base: chocolate, vanilla

Persimmon Citron

Good Luck & Transformation
Top notes: eucalyptus, orange peel & citron
Middles notes: red currant, peach, tangerine & persimmon
Base: bamboo & clove

Pineapple Sage

Earthy yet Sweet
Top note: pineapple
Middle notes: green leaves, palm & anise
Base: sage & sugar
*reed diffuser compatible

Pink Sugar Crystals

Sweetly Sophisticated
Top notes: black currant, strawberry & raspberry
Middle notes: sugar & freesia
Base: tonka, vanilla & light musk
*reed diffuser compatible

Pumpkin Caramel Crunch

Scrumptious & Tasty
Top notes: butter & orange peel
Middle note: pumpkin
Base: caramel, maple, pecan & vanilla

Red Berry Balsam

Holiday Berry Fusion
Top notes: lemon, blackberry & eucalyptus
Middles notes: cranberry & berry
Base: incense, juniper, pine & balsam

Rose Petals

Enchanting Romance
Top notes: green leaves & ozone
Middle notes: rose, carnation, lily of the valley & ylang ylang
Base: powder & peppercorn
*reed diffuser base

Rosemary & Sage

Herbal Aromatherapy
Top notes: pine, eucalyptus
Middle notes: rosemary, green floral
Base: sage, cedar

Saffron Cedarwood

Calming & Woody
Top notes: cardamom & citrus
Middle notes: palo santo, violet saffron
Base: smoke, wood, sandalwood & amber
*reed diffuser compatible (formerly polo santo)

Sea Salt & Orchid

Smooth & Elegant
Top notes: sea salt ozone
Middle notes: jasmine, lily of the valley & green leaves
Base: wood & tonka bean

Strawberry Guava

Fruity Fusion
Top notes: guava, strawberry
Middle notes: mango, passionfruit
Bose: sugar, peach, vanilla

Suede & Smoke

Sensual & Masculine
Top notes: leather
Middles notes: smoke & amyris
Base: light musk & moss
*reed diffuser compatible

Sugared Chesnut

Sweet & Cinnamony
Top notes: cardamom, cinnamon
Middle notes: chestnut, clove, amaretto
Base: carmelized sugar, butter, tonka

Sweet Tobacco

Air of Nostalgia
Top notes: amaretto & honey
Middles notes: brandy, & tobacco leaves
Base: oak & benzoin

Vanilla Eggnog

Rich, Creamy & Gourmand
Top notes: amaretto
Middles notes: vanilla & rum
Base: spice, cream, sugar & butter

Very Vanilla

Classically Lovely
Top notes: buttercream
Middle notes: cake, vanilla
Base: sugar, bourbon
*reed diffuser compatible

White Birch

Luxury Evergreen
Top notes: eucalyptus & mint
Middle notes: cypress & pine
Base: tonka bean & smoke
*reed diffuser compatible

White Sage & Lavender

Clean & Herbal
Top notes: lavender
Middle notes: camphor, chamomile, sage & rosemary
Base: sandalwood & cedarwood

White Tea

Ultimate Luxury
Top notes: bergamot mandarin
Middle notes: thyme, jasmine, ginger
Base: white tea, chrysanthemum
*reed diffuse compatible

Woodland Snow

brings the outdoors inside
Top notes: camphor, ozone & mint
Middles notes: sage, cypress, peppermint & eucalyptus
Base: juniper, spice, incense, patchouli & cedar

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